Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is crucial to a seamless travel experience. Accidents happen, and it’s important that you’re covered when they do. Here are some coverages you should look for when finding the right travel insurance provider:

Emergency Medical
Expense Coverage

Most health insurance plans do not cover you outside of the U.S. This would cover you in the event that you get injured or sick and need medical attention.

Emergency Evacuation

This covers you in case of an accident in a remote area and you need to be airlifted to the nearest hospital.

Political & Security

If a terrorist attack or political unrest were to occur in the city you’re traveling to, this coverage will be crucial.

Baggage Delay &
Personal Effects Coverage

These coverages would take care of you if your luggage is delayed by your airline or if any of your belongings are lost or stolen on your trip.

Insurers We Trust

For Tours or Students

Safe Endeavor provides primary travel insurance coverage for short-term or long-term trips, both domestically and internationally! With a simple purchase process and a competitive affiliate program, Safe Endeavor is a great option for all tour operators.


For Volunteering Abroad

Volunteer Card exists to provide volunteer travelers with travel insurance while they do good abroad! Volunteer Card offers long-term plans (6 months or more) and short-term plans to get you volunteering with peace of mind.


For Faith-Based Travel

Faith Ventures specializes in travel insurance exclusively for faith-based travelers! Whether you’re traveling for two weeks or as a long term missionary, Faith Ventures is a great option for you.