Airport Delays- The website allows travelers to check whether they can expect to encounter delays at specific airports

Online Check in by Airline Check-in before you get to the airport. Click here for a list of airline check-in links

Flight Status Flight tracker, track flight status, departures, arrivals, airport delays, and other flight and airport information

Security Wait Times Wait times listed by airport

Airline Baggage Fees Links to airline baggage fees and meal service

View Your Worldspan Itinerary Access your itinerary

View Your Amadeus Itinerary Access your itinerary

Weather Provides a national and local weather forecast for cities, as well as weather radar, report and hurricane coverage

Travel Tips

We don’t just book travel. We do travel. The helpful travel tips below are a mere sampling of our expertise, and we’re always available to answer questions.

Need a passport? Wondering if you need a visa? Looking for official government travel info? Check out A Briggs Passport & Visa Expeditors for more information.

ATMs usually give the best exchange rate, followed by traveler’s checks and cash. If possible, rely on your ATMs, but always carry extra cash, ideally tucked away in a money belt.

Pack everything in one carry-on bag. You won’t have to worry about lost luggage, and it will force you to pack light. If you must check your luggage, be sure to include extra clothes in your carry-on just in case.

Thieves will strike, so carry only what you can afford to lose in your bag or pockets. Use a money belt to keep your stash safe.

Stretch after a long day on your feet -– your body will thank you. If you’re not an active person, start taking long walks before your trip to get yourself in shape and avoid pulling muscles or tiring out early.

Jet lag happens, but you can fight it with fresh air, exercise, and daylight. Try to stay awake until an early local bedtime, and do yourself a favor by starting the trip well rested.

Drink only bottled or treated water in developing countries, and be careful of ice, coffee, or tea that may have been made with tap water.

It takes six to eight weeks to get a passport, so plan ahead. You can expedite the process, but it will cost you.

Prepaid phone cards can be one of the cheapest ways to make international calls, but read the fine print as not all cards offer access from international locations.

Off-season travel can save you a bundle and help avoid the tourist frenzy. We can help you find the best time to go abroad.

Every adventure includes plenty of downtime, so bring a slim paperback for those boring bus rides and train station waits.

Be prepared to face coin-operated toilets, restroom attendants looking for tips, no toilet paper and even toilets level with the floor that require squatting and strong thigh muscles.