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Over 60% of AFC Travel’s business is International Groups.  Our experienced, dedicated group agents are able to assist whether your group is only 6 people – or 4,000!  Groups cannot be booked via the Internet, but they can be managed via our online group portal – so please call AFC Travel @ 800-599-2925 to get started:

  • Group – A group is a minimum of 10 passengers departing and returning on the same flights from a single domestic gateway traveling to the same international destination. Flexibility is the key in getting the lowest prices. Weekend travel often carries a surcharge.

  • Deviations – Return deviations are allowed. (Both date and departure city may be changed). An airline may charge additional for deviations.

  • Deposit – To guarantee a group rate, a deposit is typically due 10 days from when AFC Travel sends out a contract. Sometimes, a cancel fee will be assessed if a group completely cancels before the utilization date.

  • Names – Preliminary names are due 60-90 days prior to the departure date. Final names are due 45 days prior to the departure. Some airlines charge fees for name changes after the final name list is submitted.

  • Utilization – A utilization schedule will be provided upon group confirmation. The schedule will outline the specific dates when a deposit loss will occur if seats are canceled. Most airlines require groups to use 90% of the seats they are holding 90 days prior to departure.

  • Cancellations – Cancellations between 89-0 days prior to departure will incur full deposit loss. Additionally, once e-ticketed most airlines have cancellation and change fees.

  • Final Payment – Final payment is typically due 35 days prior to the departure date.

  • Mileage – Frequent flyer mileage does accrue on most AFC Travel contracts.

  • Miscellaneous – Special meals and advance seating is possible 45 days prior to group departure.

These are guidelines to assist you with the group booking process. Specific rules vary by airline. An individual contract with details pertaining to your specific group will be provided once you receive a group quote.

All details are managed by our agents with our online group portal.  See:

Contact your group agent for login credentials.