What’s the Future of Travel after COVID-19?

Editor’s note: We love to travel, but the safety of all travelers is our number one priority. AFC Travel recommends following all travel guidelines recommended by health officials and the State Department.

As people are stuck at home during the coronavirus quarantine, many are looking ahead to what travel will mean for them in the coming months and even years. Many trips have been forced to cancel with many planes being grounded, hotels and resorts closed, and tourist attractions closed indefinitely. Things have most certainly changed in the landscape of travel. What will the future look like?

1. Fares will be more flexible

You might really want to book travel right now, we are right there with you. But you also want to book with confidence that you have options if things change later. Since travel vendors want your business, they are offering much more flexible change and cancellation rules. Much of this flexibility is being offered for the duration of the year and some even into 2021.

**REMINDER: Not all fares are created equally, so each fare has different rules and regulations. Check with your travel advisor to be sure of your fare.

2. You’re going to see some lower prices

No one is flying and no one is buying, so prices will be much lower than what you’re used to seeing. Experts are predicting a slow and steady ramp-up in airfare purchases for the next few months, then eventually gaining momentum shortly thereafter. They aren’t going to be low forever, so make sure you take advantage of these low prices!

3. Book through a professional

If you were caught with trips during the quarantine season you most likely experienced some difficulties in getting refunds and rescheduling. There was an abnormally high volume of these requests slowing down the airlines, but next time around you’re going to want a professional to do it for you! They can get you the best deals and best itineraries, helping you navigate the complicated world of airline rules and regulations–especially during times of crisis.

4. Improved travel technology

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, airlines were forced to cancel or change over 590 million flights! That is unheard of in the airline industry! This caught many airlines off guard, forcing them to automate many of their processes.

5. Emphasis on cleanliness

To improve cleanliness when traveling, many travel vendors have already taken action! Airlines are reducing the number of travelers aboard flights and are implementing strict sanitizing routines. Hotels have even reshaped their buffet-style breakfasts to in-room dining. We’re not too upset, that means room-service!

6. Clean air

Have you seen the pictures recently of certain cities where the air is much cleaner? In the weeks after quarantine, clean air may still be there for you to experience! Wanna see L.A. without the smog? Try to plan a trip after everything opens up!

7. Small crowds

AFC is predicting that the first 6 months after everything starts opening back up will be the best time to experience big tourist attractions. The small crowds are enough to make you race to Rome, the Eiffel Tower, or even the Acropolis of Athens!

Travel will make a comeback. It will be a slow uptick, but the industry is coming back and will be better than ever. We will all fly again soon.

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