Pastor Sam Mulbaur:
“We recently took a trip to Southeast Asia and had the opportunity to see God move in people’s lives regardless of a language barrier or belief system. So often people can go into a trip thinking I’m going to go and change people’s lives, but I challenge our students that our goal is to serve the local leadership as much as possible and more often than not, God ends up changing you. We did life skills training, helped at a camp in the forest, served impoverished kids that lived in the fishing village, and helped an orphanage where kids can never be adopted because of local laws. Each of those places were filled not with a story for a church, but with people–individual people with stories, dreams, hurts and pain. Our team did our best to serve.
But as is often the case, many of our students left changed as well. One student had a call to Children’s ministry when he was 9 years old, but put it on the back burner. One day through a series of events and conversations, God brought that calling to his attention again and he is in school now pursuing what God spoke to him on the trip. Other students felt God called them to missionaries before the trip, but this trip allowed them to see that “missions” is a lot of different things and they feel even stronger in their callings.
God is still working after we are gone and it’s groups like AFC Travel that allow us to go where God is calling us to go. We are already working on next year’s trip and cant wait to see what God does next!”