While President Trump and his administration (and maybe the courts) continue to debate the President’s proposed travel ban (which realistically could take a long time to work out), AFC Travel is here to assist in many ways.

First, our agents are some of the most experienced in the market. This means they have the training and knowledge to handle difficult situations.

Additionally, AFC Travel has earned top travel agency status with many of the worldwide and U.S. carriers, which provide us access to the best airline contracts and the most up-to-date travel information.

Finally, we have always encouraged our travelers to purchase travel insurance, and this is perhaps even more critical now. We offer three types of plans starting at just $29. Our best-selling travel insurance policy is just $53 and covers up to 90 days of travel. For more information, click here.

Keys to remember:

While the initial travel ban affected those from seven countries, it does have an impact on all U.S. travelers. Here are some of our “top tips”:

  • Remember to plan ahead and give yourself and your group more time at the airport; there could be disruption in your travel plans due to airport protests or just general confusion from airport/airlines employees.
  • Double check the documents you are carrying and know the requirements of the countries you wish to enter. Many countries require you to have a valid passport for six months after your completed trip and up to three empty pages in your passport. If you’re a green card or visa holder, have all of your documentation current and carry extra copies.
  • Make yourself aware of how the country you are visiting currently views decisions by the Trump administration. While this can be hard to know exactly, many countries have been outspoken about the President’s decisions. Be aware of how they could view you, as an American, visiting their land.

We encourage everyone to continue to travel as planned, continue to ask good questions and take precautions as needed.