Celebrating 20 Years!

AFC Travel has been assisting our client’s global travel needs since 1995. AFC Travel began in response to friends and professionals asking for travel advice. They knew we didn’t just sit behind a desk all day, we traveled the world. Even now every staff member is required to travel outside the U.S. for at least one week each year, so we know what we’re talking about. Unlike other “non-profit focused” travel agencies AFC Travel has direct contracts from over 20 airlines (plus their regional partners). We don’t buy from other consolidators, we own ours: see www.afcnet.com.

In fact, AFC Travel is part of a family of companies whose overall sales in 2014 has grown to be over $110,000,000. Please check out our family of owned companies:

AFC Net  AFCNET: a travel industry only niche airfare consolidator. www.afcnet.com

Centrav favicon   Centrav: our original company started in 1987. A founding member of the United States Air Consolidator Association and one of the largest and most respected consolidators in the USA. www.centrav.com

Fly For Good Logo  Fly For Good: niche travel agency with a focus on humanitarian and secular non-profits. www.flyforgood.com

TechTrav favicon  TechTrav: Our IT and software company that provides services and software to our companies as well as other travel companies and non-profits. www.techtrav.com

VolunteerCard logo  Volunteer Card: a unique version of travel insurance. An annual travel card with insurance and discounts. www.volunteercard.com

Venture ExpeditionsVenture Expeditions: our non-profit. We don’t speak about stewardship and volunteering – we own and operate our own non-profit raising awareness and money for projects globally. www.ventureexpeditions.org

Travel is our passion, and we’re committed to giving you the best travel experience possible. Not only does that mean getting the best price so you can afford to do more, but it means offering our experience to help you plan your adventure. We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls that can derail any trip. Let’s see the bargain airfare sites do that.

Seller of Travel ID:

California – 2087375-40

Florida – DTN1691854